ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface Streamlines Complete Tasks

Featured automotive hardware, with its multitude of parts, is nothing less than complex. True service and repair professionals have to understand both hardware and software in order to test all of the special functions for optimal performance. The right programmatic solutions help shops match manufacturer service quality.

The Abrites VAG Commander or Vehicle Diagnostic Interface is made for OEM representatives, locksmiths, diagnostics experts, and other automotive and technological practitioners. The versatility of the ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface complements most regular operations such as diagnostics, mileage recalibration, key and module programming, as well as spare part identification and utilization.

A vehicle communicates with drivers and repair specialists through OBDII codes or diagnostic trouble codes. Whenever issues arise, the car uses this system in correspondence with an assigned threshold. Once these limits are exceeded, the trouble codes are sent out. An OBD scanner is used to read, record, and break down the codes. There are a number of reasons why clearing the code cache should be done, with one being diagnostic organization. It can present problems when the check engine light is on and there’s no problem with the engine at all.

Electromagnetic parts design inherent to most vehicle engines requires magnetic testing in order to determine the condition. Accessories like the actuator, injectors, spark plugs, and ignition coil can be tested by way of a magnetic electronic magnetic field.

Custom Abrites VAG Commander protocols include module adaptation, cluster calibration, and other specially developed functions. Get in touch with Abrites USA for more information.

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