How to Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy During Coronavirus

Senior living should include tips on how to stay physically and mentally active and healthy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Before deciding on which of the available senior living facilities are right for you or your loved one, ask some important questions to ensure that your choice is the best one.

Make Sure that the Facility Offers Physical Exercise & Activities

Many seniors still enjoy being outdoors and getting regular walks and other types of physical exercise. Not all facilities for seniors are set up in the same manner. If your senior is still fairly active, be sure to investigate each facility’s options for active seniors. Many senior centers offer beautiful outdoor gardens and hiking trails. Some include a community swimming pool and/or hot tubs. Swimming is a great way for older adults that have issues with their joints and bones or mobility.

What Kinds of Mental Activities Does the Facility Offer?

Along with areas and times for physical exercise, many terrific senior living facilities offer fun and appropriate mental activities throughout their programs as well. Health experts recommend that mature adult still take time to engage in activities that will keep their mental faculties healthy and strong. Every senior should try to learn something new every day to keep their minds sharp and their focus keen.

Staying Safe Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Look for proactive ways that senior living facilities protect residents and staff during coronovirus. Contact The Chelsea At Shrewsbury for more details.

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