3 Times to Always Make an Appointment with an Electrician in Bend, Oregon

Many people want to take matters into their hands when they have an electrical problem. However, electrical problems aren’t the safest DIY projects. It’s always better to call an electrician in Bend, Oregon, especially if one has any of the following electrical needs.

Installing a New Outlet

It seems easy enough to install an outlet, but not exactly. Too many things can go wrong when installing or upgrading an outlet. If the wiring isn’t hooked up to the new outlet correctly, the wiring could create an arc fault and result in an electrical fire. The risk isn’t worth the reward. Always contact an electrician for new outlet installation.

Upgrading the Electrical Panel

People upgrade their electrical panels to support new electrical appliances or to add more power to their homes. The problem with DIY electrical panel installation is that it’s possible to increase the load by too much. When this happens, it could severely affect the home’s entire electrical system and result in costly rewiring. A qualified electrician should be the only person involved in an electrical panel upgrade.

Installing New Wiring

Whether it’s for a remodel or new addition, installing new wiring isn’t a DIY job. In fact, installing the wiring, oneself could result in legal setbacks. Most municipalities require homeowners to get permits and inspections for new additions and substantial remodels. If a licensed electrician wasn’t involved in the wiring, the municipality would most likely require the work to be redone by a licensed electrician, delaying the project’s completion and costing more money.

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