2 Ways That a Personal Injury Attorney in Chattanooga Protects the Client

Sustaining an injury due to the actions or negligence of another party is anything but fun. While you concentrate on healing from the event, it’s good to have a personal injury attorney who can seek compensation on your behalf. How will that attorney help? Here are two examples to keep in mind.

Handling All Communications With the Opposing Party

While you recover, the last thing you need to deal with is constant communications from the responsible party and the insurance company. Since the goal is sometimes to ask leading questions and receive answers that could shift some of the responsibility for the event to your shoulders, those communications are best left in the hands of your personal injury attorney. Your legal counsel will know how to deal with those questions and work to protect your interests at all times.

Managing the Settlement Negotiations on Your Behalf

Assuming the other party is open to negotiations, your personal injury attorney can take the lead in representing you at those proceedings. While a decision about accepting or rejecting the offer is up to you, the attorney can provide suggestions that you’ll find helpful. In the best-case scenario, the settlement will be fair and there will be no need to go to court.

Never try to handle a personal injury issue on your own. Your legal counsel can make a difficult situation much easier to manage.

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