When to Hire an Attorney in Lawrence, KS to Avoid Foreclosure

When you are facing the possibility of losing your home, consider contacting a foreclosure attorney in Lawrence, KS as early as possible. By doing so, you ensure more options are available than what you would get later in the foreclosure process.

Waiting too long could cause you to lose the fight to stay in your home.

When Legal Help Becomes Necessary

Typically, a lender can begin the legal process to sell your home if you become more than 120 days delinquent on mortgage payments. However, there are things under mortgage contract terms that the lender must do before starting an official foreclosure process.

The lender must mail a breach letter that notifies you of its intent to start foreclosure proceedings. You will have approximately 30 days to bring the loan current.

How a Foreclosure Attorney Helps

If after receiving the breach letter you want to fight the foreclosure, an experienced

Foreclosure Attorney in Lawrence, KS can help you understand the rules. They can also advise you of any options that apply to your situation.

Some examples of how a foreclosure attorney can help include:

  • Modifying your loan
  • Discuss loss mitigation options
  • Ensure your lender follows the rules
  • Represent you during mediation

Visit Us Today for Help with Avoiding a Foreclosure

Time is of the essence when you are facing the possibility of losing the home you worked so hard to attain. Joseph I. Wittman is an experienced attorney dedicated to helping Kansas residents. Visit our website to find the answers to your questions.

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