Foot Surgery Recovery Tips From Ankle Surgeons in Kenosha, WI

If you have sustained a foot injury, you may need surgery. While you may be anxious to get back to your normal activities of daily living as soon as possible, recovery from foot surgery can take many weeks. Here are some tips ankle surgeons in Kenosha, WI, may recommend to help ensure a speedy recovery.

Elevate Your Foot

Keeping your foot elevated higher than the level of your heart helps relieve pain and inflammation. It also promotes optimal circulation to enhance the healing process.

Ankle surgeons in Kenosha, WI, also recommend applying ice packs to the affected foot while it is elevated to further relieve pain, establish optimal blood flow, and reduce inflammation.

While the application of a hot compress may seem like an acceptable comfort measure while your foot is elevated, it can actually slow the healing process. Your doctor will advise you to keep your foot elevated as much as possible for at least a few days after your surgery.

Consume Healthy Foods

Optimal nutrition is an important part of the healing process after foot and ankle surgery. It helps promote healing, reduces pain, decreases swelling, and may prevent infections of the surgical wound. Your doctor may recommend that you increase your intake of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber, and magnesium-rich foods. If you don’t have an appetite, your surgeon may recommend that you take an over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplement to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

For more information about foot surgery recovery, call Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers or visit the website to know more.

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