You Don’t Have to Live with Shoulder Pain or Injuries

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Health

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There are many things that can cause shoulder injuries or pain. Accidents or injuries, misalignment or simple wear and tear on the joints can be caused by the ravages of time. Fortunately, there are shoulder surgeons in Oklahoma City that have years of experience and training in helping people just like you in dealing with shoulder pain. Arthroscopic repair surgery is available to help you improve your condition.

What Are the Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery?

While there are many types of surgeries out there that can deal with the pain you are experiencing, there are many advantages to Arthroscopic treatment. With tiny incisions, the doctor can reattach torn or loose ligaments to the joint. Some of the benefits of Arthroscopic procedures include:

  • Less post-op pain and discomfort

  • Quicker recovery times

  • Less post-op complications

  • A tiny incision leaving little to no tissue scarring

  • Minimally invasive

With all of these benefits, your shoulder pain can be remedied quickly and with minimal pain, so that your recovery time is low, and you can get back into being more active in your life. From playing sports to something as small as reaching for something on a shelf, shoulder pain can be crippling. Fortunately, there is no reason to live with it any longer.

End the Suffering!

Don’t go through life believing that pain is just a part of life and try to suffer on through it. With a procedure like Arthroscopic surgery, not only can your pain be eliminated, but it can be done quickly and with little recovery time. It is time to stop the pain and let the healing begin. Contact Calvin Johnson MD today and book an appointment to go over the options available to you. You will be glad you did.