Stop the Invasion, The Grubs Have Got to Go!

It is a sad but true fact that the better your lawn is the more attractive it is to the view destroying larvae known as the grub. A grub moves in to eat the roots of your lawn and will very quickly kill large sections. There are of course ways to kill grubs that have settled into your neighborhood, but by far the best way to fight them is through prevention.

Early Warning Signs and Effects

If you happen to notice that you have a problem with beetles in the early summer, and that is followed by dead patches of grass in the late summer, it is very possible that grubs have taken root on your lawn. They live in the soil, eat your roots, and leave brown patches all over your yard. Not only that, but they themselves are a food source for larger animals that can be much more difficult to deal with. Wildlife such as skunks, raccoons, moles, armadillos and birds will feed on them by digging up your grass while they are on the hunt.

Prevent A Zoo on Your Front Lawn

As mentioned, once grubs have taken hold of your lawn of course they can be killed. The problem with that is by the time they are removed you have already noticed the damage to your lawn that tells you they are there. The other issue is that by the time someone comes to your home to kill them and the treatment works, more damage will have been done not only by the grubs but by the animals that feed upon them. By far the option that makes the most sense is to have your lawn treated in the prevention of grubs so that the issue won’t arise. By utilizing treatments, you keep your lawn healthy, lush and green. For the best grub control in Oklahoma City, check out Elite Lawn Care.

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