Why You Really Should Care About Your Building’s Air

Few things are as uncomfortable as being stuck in a building where the air is too cold or too hot. In the heat of summer and the chill of winter, we come indoors to escape extreme temperatures, and we expect that in our commercial buildings that the air conditioning will always be working and available to us. Likewise, we count on top-quality air at work and in out residences. That’s why it’s so important for commercial business or building owners to properly maintain their HVAC systems. If your tenants, customers or clients aren’t comfortable, they aren’t likely to return.

Here are just a few ways you can keep your air in top condition and your visitors happy, season after season:

Install a Great System

Your heating and cooling system is no place to cut corners and try to shave down costs. While there are ways to find cost savings, the most important factor to you as a building or business owner should be installing a great, long-lasting and properly-working system that will serve you and your customers for years to come.

Most contractors who provide installation and HVAC maintenance services also have certain models they would recommend. Ask your contractor for their suggestions, and be sure to frame your purchase in the light of an investment. Not only will you and your staff be happier, your visitors will thank you every day of the year!

Regular Check-Ups

No matter how good your system is when you first have it installed, you will need to have regular maintenance performed. Ask your installation professional if they also offer HVAC maintenance services; having your system maintained by the same company that sold and installed the pieces is the best way to ensure consistent quality of service, throughout the process.

Portland area clients looking for commercial installation and maintenance of HVAC systems can contact MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions for more information about how to keep all your construction and to outfit down by the same, qualified and experienced team. Nobody wants to deal with uncomfortable air; don’t let another year pass without the peace of mind that a great HVAC system provides!

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