The Benefits of a Ford Edge, Find a Dealership near Crestwood

Many Crestwood residents find that an SUV just doesn’t fit their style or needs. If you’re thinking about buying a crossover, the Ford Edge is suitable for you. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy outside features, but it still looks sleek and amazing on the road. The manufacturer thought more about utility, amenities, and functionality with this vehicle, which is why it appeals to many people.

Long and Tall

Depending on the year model you choose, you may notice that this vehicle is slightly longer and taller than previous models. Therefore, your passengers get more leg room. For front passengers and drivers, you can get up to two more inches of legroom while rear passengers get up to one more inch.

The headroom is also about an inch higher, which means taller people can still sit comfortably and won’t have to duck to get in and out of the car.

Cargo space is also bigger with 39.4 cubic feet behind the second-row seating. You can also fold the second row down, which gives you a whopping 73.2 cubic feet of space.

Steering System

Many SUVs on the market don’t have excellent steering capabilities, especially when traveling at high speeds. Therefore, you’re susceptible to roll-overs. However, the Edge uses a safer system that gives you all the control you need to prevent tipping and to roll


Newer vehicle models usually have the more advanced technology and this car is no different. You can find a rearview camera to ensure that you don’t back up over something you shouldn’t. You can also find a front-parking camera and hands-free lift gates. Most of these features are standard, as well.

The Ford Edge is one of the best vehicles on the market because it’s compact and a small SUV. Visit Hawk Ford near Crestwood at to search now.

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