Why it is Unsafe to buy Used Baby Furniture

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Furniture

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With so many options to buy used these days it can be tempting to look for almost anything online before buying new. There are many sites that allow you to shop around and find everything from clothes to cars. However there are some items that really should be purchased new including the Baby Furniture Ottawa parents might be seeking. Here are a few reasons used baby furniture might be unsafe:


Regulations: Year after year the government makes changes to the regulations applied to the manufacturing of consumer goods. The main reason is usually safety. Without really being able to determine the age of used baby furniture Ottawa families might be selling it can be dangerous to purchase items because there could be safety issues with the items. Whether you are buying a crib or a change table you want to know your newborn child will be safe.


Integrity: As with the regulations to furniture manufacturing you also can not be certain that your use baby furniture purchases will still have the integrity required to avoid collapse, cracks or even the release of chemicals if the paint or materials used were not safe. Often people have to put cribs together on their own and you have no way of knowing how well they managed or if any screws or connections are missing. You can certainly take a look to see how well it appears to be connected, but in the long run you will have no guarantee the integrity of the furniture is in tact.


Repairs and Refinishing: You might come across a very unique and charming item you would love to add to your baby’s room but you have to keep in mind the older the piece the more chance there is that repairs or refinishing has been applied. The reason this is dangerous is you have no way of knowing what kind of paint, glue or even nails and screws have been used. Paint and glue can continue to release dangerous chemicals called VOC’s. You do not want to risk placing an item of furniture in your baby’s room that may contain these chemicals.


Last but not least, the look of the furniture will really not affect the safety. However it would be nice to choose the baby furniture Ottawa you want to create a cozy, safe room where your little one will sleep soundly and comfortably.