The Vitality of Vinyl Wall Coverings

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Wallpaper Store

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One of the most complex factors of interior design is the design concept of the wall space and its ability to make the room look absolutely fabulous or the exact opposite. This is only as complex as the various types of wall coverings that exist and over the years, that number has increased dramatically. It is imperative to incorporate several factors of determination into the wall covering selection process. The possibility of choosing and inappropriate cover could mean more that an unappealing design but could diminish the quality of the overall project. Vinyl wall coverings have high standards of quality but this quality is only realized when used in the right conditions.


The Selection Process


There are varying characteristics of wall coverings and this plays a role in the positioning of the pieces in certain environments. In order to get the most out of the wall covering, there must be caution exercised in the selection of the pieces to be utilized. The large category of coverings is consistently expanding and though many of them can be used in residential and commercial settings, there are limitations on how well they work in certain areas. The quality of the wall covers play a large role in how well it can withstand certain conditions in the environment. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the specific uses that each type is designed to accommodate. Some of the most commonly utilized are vinyl wall coverings.


A Variation of Styles


Vinyl wall coverings appear in several different styles and the application process is determined by the type that is selected. Some of the coverings have vinyl coated paper that has been glossed or covered with vinyl or acrylic. Some vinyl coverings are backed with paper or appear as a solid slate. This type has a single layer of vinyl on the decorated surface. They are typically identified as being easy to peel or scrub. There is vinyl that is backed with fabric and have a synthetic type of fibre attached to the surface. There are a couple of categories that classify the strength and durability of vinyl wall coverings and they indicate the durability or strength level of them. There is light duty and medium or heavy duty wall coverings. Light duty coverings work well in areas such as hotels, hospitals, health care facilities and office settings. Those areas that experience higher volumes of traffic, such as lounges, entry ways, classrooms and lobby areas benefit most from medium or heavy duty wall coverings.


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