When You Want the Best, Look to Women’s Health Care Services in Norman, OK

Quality health care is an important part of staying healthy and fit. Women’s health care includes specialty focuses that are missing from other general healthcare services. Focuses on hormonal therapies, reproductive services, and preventative screening should be at the forefront of women’s focused health care. Womens Health Care Services in Norman OK can provide all levels of quality care. Special focuses for women’s health include the following examples.

Annual Preventative Exams

While everyone, including boys, girls, as well as big and small individuals should receive an annual preventative exam, and women should also have an annual pap smear and breast exam. These preventative exams go a long way in detecting cancer or other issues in their earliest form. Patients who have had cancer scares or other serious concerns in the past may want to have their exams every six months instead of once a year.

Infertility Treatment Plans

Dealing with infertility can be overwhelming at best and devastating at its worst. Whether it is primary or secondary infertility, there are treatments that can help couples become pregnant or point them in the direction of IVF or other pregnancy assistance. Womens Health Care Services in Norman OK, can help patients and their spouses choose the right course of treatment for their situation.

Temporary and Permanent Birth Control

For those who are done having children, temporary or permanent birth control can help reduce the risk of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Temporary birth control can include pills and intrauterine devices that block pregnancy from occurring. Permanent measures can include tubal ligation or even hysterectomy for those patients who may deal with other reproductive issues.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women who have had a hysterectomy or those dealing with the passage of menopause may benefit from hormone therapy. As women age, their bodies often lag in the production of needed hormones, which can lead to fatigue, mood swings, and other unwanted issues. Hormone replacement therapy cannot give back youth, but it can go a long way in returning normal emotional and physical activity levels.

Quality Women’s Clinical Services

Between annual visits, most women find themselves in the need of a doctor visit or two. Having a quality women’s health center to turn too can keep care consistent and all records in one place. Don’t let questions or concerns about health go unanswered. Contact us today.

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