Get Legal Assistance Fast if You Have You Been Arrested and Charged with a DUI

Being arrested for a DUI is a serious charge. You need to make sure that you have legal counsel in your corner right away; this is especially true if you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. One of the main reasons it is essential that you acquire a Sacramento DUI attorney is that some DUI charges are taken to court. If this is the case you will have a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing first. Make sure you are not facing all of those legalities alone. Hire a skilled DUI attorney that understands how to navigate the judicial system and will work diligently for you.

Understand What You Can Expect After a DUI Arrest

Although a DMV hearing is an administrative hearing it is important and will determine whether you can keep your driving privileges or whether they will be revoked or suspended. This is necessary and part of the due process of the law. Your rights or property cannot be taken away by the government without giving you notice and the opportunity to speak for yourself. This can include your driving privileges. You are not required to go through a DMV hearing, but it should be considered. If you have a commercial driver?s license it can be taken away automatically for ten days if you refuse to request a DMV hearing. In this case it does not matter whether you were actually arrested while working or not, a CDL license is immediately revoked. A DMV hearing does not establish guilt or innocence. It simply determines the circumstances concerning the arrest.

The Importance of Hiring a DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for DUI there may be possible penalties to face. The penalties are various and based on aggravating factors that are specific to your case. It will also be taken into account whether this is your first offense or not. A first time DUI offense could put you in jail for 6 months with the requirement that you attend DUI school for 3, 6, or 9 months after your jail time. If this is your second offense you get a mandatory 10 days minimum in jail that could increase up to a year, with up to 18 months of DUI school after jail time. A third offense could find you place in jail up to a year with at least 120 days in jail plus 18 months of DUI school. The fourth DUI conviction is considered to be a felony and you could be sent to prison for 3 years. Penalties such as those mentioned above are serious and call for legal action to help you avoid jail time. Get compassionate legal assistance for your DMV hearing and trail so you are assured a fair and legal case.

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