When You Need Jail Bonds in Williamson County, TX, You Need Them Now!

Millions of people are sitting in filthy, dangerous prisons all over the world with no hope of ever getting bail. In far too many countries, people are not released from jail while awaiting trial or sentencing. Being arrested in these places is almost the same as being convicted; people are in jail and they are not getting out.

We are very fortunate. Our justice system is based upon the English system. The concept of someone bonding out of jail started in medieval times when the sheriff (think Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham!) was given the authority to allow a prisoner to buy their way out of the dungeon. Of course, while in principle this applied to everyone, in practice it only applied to rich prisoners. In 1275, the Statute of Westminster attempted to limit the abuse by the sheriffs.

King Charles is responsible for the right of habeas corpus. A group of noblemen were imprisoned without trial or bail because they refused to make large ‘loans’ (gifts) to the king. It took about 50 years, but Parliament eventually passed The Habeas Corpus Act of 1679. This core right in our system of justice guarantees that people cannot be arrested and forgotten. The arresting authority must bring the prisoner before a judge and explain why the person is being held. If the offense that is being charged is bondable, and most are, then the amount of bond must be set.

For some minor offenses, people are released pending trial without having to pay bail. More often, the court establishes some amount of bail that must be met prior to release. Usually, the required bail is too high for the accused or the family to pay. After the bail bondsman has been contacted and reached an agreement with the accused or family, a bail bond is posted with the court and the accused is released. Without the services of the bail bondsman, bail would only be available to the rich, as it was in medieval times.

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