When Screen Print Apparel Is The Better Choice

If you want to promote your business, customizing work apparel is an excellent choice. While many options are available, screen-printing remains a popular one. When producing quality screen print apparel, it requires expertise and finesse to utilize these tools:

  • A fine mesh screen
  • Suitable fabric
  • Impermeable substance
  • Ink

Of course, you also need to have a design in mind.

When to Use Screen Printing

Although not as old as embroidery, screen-printing is a seasoned craft. It is a preferable method to others for a variety of reasons. People find it more suitable in certain instances including when

  • Coverage in Important: Screen printing is the best method to ensure a large design can successfully be applied to cover the complete back and/or front of any apparel
  • Material is thin or thick: Unlike embroidery work, this method does not have problems when applied to the thinner material of such items as t-shirts
  • Big is Better: When screen printing apparel, size can be important. When big is better, this method is more effective at achieving clarity than others are.
  • The concern is for quality: The results, when performed by a professional are always high-end quality
  • Shading and differentiation matter: Screen printing offers a wide range of colors and permits shading, metallic touches and other specific effects
  • Detail counts: In the case of logo transference, shading is more suited for reproducing one in greater detail
  • Cost is a factor: This method is less expensive to produce items in bulk. It will depend upon such factors as how many colors you want to use

Screen Print Apparel

If you want apparel that reflects your company’s logo or ones sporting a specific design, you have options. Your choice will depend upon a variety of factors. However, if you want items that are affordable yet capture the details and demands of your design, choose screen printing. Apparel produced in this fashion continues to be cost-effective and of high quality.

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