Debunking 3 Common Life Insurance Myths

Get your life insurance from a trusted advisor like the Fullman & Lawrence Agency. Although many people have their reservations, it is best to get this policy while you are still healthy and rates are lower. Life insurance can assist with paying burial expenses, medical expenses acquired while trying to save your life, and helping your family with living expenses after the loss of your income. Despite this, many myths still persist around life insurance.

Myth #1: Some People Do Not Need Life Insurance

Certain individuals believe they fall into a category of people who do not need a life insurance policy. Stay-at-home parents or people who have never been married often don’t see it as a necessity. Losing a stay-at-home parent means the surviving spouse must now employ someone to watch their children, clean the home, grocery shop, and drive their children to activities. For those not currently married, if they do hope to marry in the future, it is important to have a policy in place just in case they are unable to qualify for a policy in the future due to possible future health issues. Perhaps there is someone outside of the household that is dependent upon financial assistance such as an elderly relative. If you have someone that currently depends upon you now or in the future, you need to have a life insurance policy in place while you are still healthy.

Myth #2: All Policies Are Exactly the Same

There are never any one-size-fits-all policies when it comes to life insurance. Some people may need certain provisions within their policy while other individuals need something completely different. In order to be completely confident that your customized policy meets your needs, you need to speak with a life insurance professional at an insurance agency to review all your options.

Myth #3: Life Insurance is Not Affordable

Life insurance is still more affordable than a lot of people realize. Speak to an agent about life insurance options that meet your needs and your budget

If you do not currently have life insurance in Longview, TX, then you should talk with your auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance agency. Make sure you have a life insurance policy separate from work. This let you control your policy rather than your employer. No matter where you get it from, you should just make sure you have it because you never know what may happen in life and you will want your loved ones to be financially protected. You can contact Fullman & Lawrence Agency at 903-297-8600 to discuss your insurance needs.

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