What You Need To Know Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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When remodeling your kitchen, you can make a big change by replacing your old cabinets. Even if you’re on a budget, new cabinetry will greatly improve the appearance of your kitchen. Read the information below to learn more about cabinet buying before you contact a company that sells Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Southwest Florida.


Stock Or Custom Cabinets?


First you’ll have to decide if you want to purchase stock or custom-made cabinets. Stock cabinets are manufactured in traditional cabinet sizes, and they are pre-made at the factory. Custom cabinets are manufactured to your exact specifications, and they won’t be made until you place your order. Stock cabinets are less expensive and you’ll be able to choose the ones you want from the available selection. If you order custom cabinets, you’ll have to pay more to have them made, but you can choose the exact type of materials, colors, and sizes you need.


With Or Without A Frame?


Kitchen cabinets are available with a frame or without a frame. Framed cabinets are manufactured with a frame around the front and the door hinges are secured to the frames. When frameless cabinets are made, the hinges are secured to the side of the cabinet wall. Frameless cabinets offer more space because the drawers don’t have to fit inside of a frame.


Cabinet Sizes And Styles


You’ll need to measure the available space and decide what types and sizes of cabinets you’ll need before beginning your search. Measure the area above your countertops to determine how many wall cabinets you’ll need. The space below your countertops is where your base cabinets will be installed. If you have open space in the corner of your kitchen, you may want to purchase a tall cabinet to use for a pantry or extra storage. Write down the cabinet measurements so when you visit a company that sells Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Southwest Florida, you’ll know what size and how many you’ll need to buy.


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