Installing Veneers in Theodore AL

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Dentistry

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Oral health is one of the main concerns of most people that not only deal with the public on a daily basis, but also those who interact with others in their personal lives. Having a dentist on hand that can make diagnosis, and proper treatment schedules can help these people to take care of their oral cavity in order to preserve the overall health of their mouths. Without the proper care and treatment the oral cavity may become diseased and spread to other parts of the body. To help alleviate this, a certified professional will perform preventative treatment steps or may treat the damage already present in the mouth.


West Mobile Dental Care has board certified professionals that have vast knowledge of many of the newest dental treatment technologies. These professionals have completed continuing education training in various areas of dentistry. Some of these dentists also specialize in treatment and installation of Veneers in Theodore AL. Patients who need veneers are those that have lost their teeth due to various circumstances such as gum disease, trauma to the oral cavity or natural causes. The dentist will attempt to preserve the tooth, but if the bone structure is deteriorating, the dentist may need to remove the bone and install a replacement.


The dentists who specialize in installing Veneers in Theodore AL give the patient a choice of replacement options. Some customers may elect to have dentures while others prefer the veneers because they are more permanent. The veneers look identical to normal teeth; however they are held in place with titanium posts drilled into the socket where the original bone was removed. To complete the process, multiple surgeries may be required depending on the gum tissue health and the surrounding bone health. Once the titanium post has been properly drilled in place, it is monitored over the course of at least two weeks to ensure that the gum tissue surrounding it is healthy. If there are any issues, the site of surgery is visited again to either remove the post or address the issue that is causing the inflammation. Once the gum line has healed, a cap is placed on top of the post that will mimic the appearance of an enamel tooth. Once installed, the patient may eat, drink and treat the veneer as they would a real tooth.