What You Need to Know About Home Renovation in Albany New York

What do you think of when you hear the words “home renovation”? Each homeowner has his or her own ideas about what they would renovate in or on their home. Some will think of their bathroom, some their kitchen, and others their home’s exterior. No matter what kind of home improvement comes to mind when you think of home renovation, it is important to hire the right contractor for the job. Home renovation in Albany should be performed by professionals with a stable business, the proper credentials, and a good reputation in the community. The following will discuss these factors in more detail.

State Licensing

All contractors have to be licensed in their state in order to provide their services to local customers. When a home renovation contractor takes the time to make sure he or she has the appropriate licensing and maintains said licensing, it shows they strive to operate a credible business. Even though a state licensing is not a reflection of how good or poor their services are, it does mean they follow the laws.

Business Stability

How do you know if a business is stable? This does not necessarily mean financial stability, though you may be able to research that information online, stability in this case refers to having a well-established business. When a company has its own office or location in the area with a brand name that has been there for a few years, it is an established business. The last thing you want is a fly-by-night contractor that has no established business, or a short-term location renovating your home.


How can you find out about a company’s reputation? Some contractors have testimonials from current or former customers that you can read. You can also research on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to find out if they have any major complaints against them. Review sites focused on contractors in local communities is another resource for learning about a company’s reputation.

A contractor that refuses to provide you with their licensing or a written estimate should be avoided. Remember to also ask if the contractor providing Home renovation in Albany is properly insured so you will not be held responsible for anything that might happen on your property. Fridholm Painting and Remodeling is a premier home renovation business that serves the Albany, New York community.

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