How to Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Anyone who has a home or apartment with a smaller kitchen knows how valuable space is! You have a lot of things you need to use while in the kitchen and all of these things take up room. This is why it is so important to know how to maximize storage options by making the best use of your kitchen cabinets in Pittsburgh homes or apartments. Here are some storage ideas that you may want to try:

Multitasking Baskets. Using stacking baskets can fill up a cabinet area and create more storage options than traditional shelves would and you can create hanging basket towers in taller cabinet spaces and maximize your options.

Easy Rods. Hanging rods and using hooks and similar appliances can add handy storage space on the sides of cabinets so you can maximize the surface area and use it fully to keep the kitchen area orderly.

Behind Closed Doors. The area on the back of the cabinet doors can be a handy place for a cork board for notes and messages, mail pouches, and other things that can help you stay organized and neat.

Appliance Garage. There are many appliances you use often and these appliances can be ‘parked’ in their own cabinet space when not in use, so your counter space stays clear and free to use.

Extra Extra Extra! If you can fit an extra drawer or storage space, even a drawer only a few inches deep and a foot wide, use it because it can hold towels, baking sheets, and other smaller items.

Making the best use of your kitchen cabinets in Pittsburgh homes or apartments is about maximizing your storage space and using everything that is available to you and being smart with your kitchen design. Visit Business Name today and see what options you have open to you!

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