What to Know Before Applying For An MBBS in Russia

Indian students with an interest in becoming a doctor have the option to take an MBBS in India or abroad. Students considering an MBBS abroad have several options to consider, but not all offer the same quality education and future for working in India or in the USA.

One of the countries that actively promotes their MBBS programs to students in India is Russia. There are several universities and colleges that offer an MBBS in Russia, and it is important for students to do their research before applying to and enrolling in these programs.

Recognition and Reputation of the Program

One of the challenges for students considering an MBBS in Russia is to understand the reputation and the recognition earning a degree from that university provides. While there are top medical training programs in Russia and throughout Central Europe, there are many programs that do not meet international standards for training.

Equipment, Faculty, and Training Opportunities

One of the disadvantages of attending a medical college or university in another country is the challenge of verifying the quality of equipment, technology, laboratories, and real-world experience offered.

Taking the time to research the faculty and to determine their level of expertise and experience in using best practices and current treatment protocols and standards is another important task before applying to any Russian university or college.

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