A Quick Look At What Is Involved During Hardwood Flooring Installation In San Jose

The floors in a home give a room a finished look and will either make or break a space, and despite the popularity of more budget-friendly alternatives, more and more homeowners choose to install hardwood floors. Not only do they give an area a more elegant and stately feel, but they are incredibly durable and will withstand foot traffic with ease. The most complicated part is the actual process of hardwood flooring installation in San Jose, and the following is designed to provide a quick overview of what to expect.

Subfloor Preparation

Before installing the wood planks, a team of technicians will first remove any existing flooring products that are in place. Next, they will thoroughly examine the subfloor components and determine if any of the areas require repair to ensure the best outcome. Finally, they will check the floor to decide if it is level or if modifications need to be made to compensate for any sloping or settling that may be present.

Plank Installation

The next stage involves installing the actual planks of hardwood throughout the space. The layout will heavily depend on the type of design desired by the homeowner, but it usually recommended to select a more traditional pattern, as it reduces the cost of installation and prevents the floors from competing with other design elements. After a plank is in position, it is then hammered snug against its counterpart boards and nailed into the subfloor.

Sanding and Finishing

To complete the process of hardwood flooring installation in San Jose, the technicians will sand and stain the wood. Sanding the boards helps to ensure they are smooth and level, and that there are no splinters. The staining process is the most time consuming, but it is designed to bring out the grain of the wood and offers protective qualities.

If the flooring in a home is old and outdated, it may be time to replace it with a quality hardwood flooring product. FMD Distributor is a leader in new installation services, and they offer a massive selection of quality wood products that will give any home a unique and updated appearance. Contact us today to learn more and discover how affordable installing hardwood flooring should be.

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