What to Know About Catering an Office Lunch

There are few more successful options to reward your employees for a great job than catering lunch in the office. While it might seem like a great deal of work, many companies that offer lunch catering in the 60602-zip code take care of a lot of the hassle. All you have to do is choose one and set things up. Your employees will love the attention offered and appreciate the tasty food on offer.

Setup Is Important

Having everything set up well is crucial when you’re in charge of coordinated an office lunch. If things aren’t completed in time, the whole lunch can be awkward and rushed rather than feeling like a delightful reward. That’s why you want to be sure there’s room for everyone to sit, plenty of utensils available, and plenty of options for people with varying meal requirements. Just a bit of planning will go a long way here.

Make Lunch a Special Event

If you want to make lunch catering in the 60602-zip code even more exciting, spice it up. You could have a special guest or a speaker come in to talk to everyone. Even having the CEO come in to enjoy lunch with everyone can be a nice change of pace for the employees.

Set a Deadline

As an office manager, you probably have a million things to do every day. Getting all the lunch orders in place can be another stressful task on your to-do list. That’s why you should set a deadline for order requests. Employees know they have to get in any special orders by that date, so you aren’t scrambling to get that information at the last minute.

Source the Catering

It’s not always easy to determine how much food you need for a group, especially if your office size has changed recently. The best catering providers will help you with scheduling, tracking, ordering, and payment, so there is less for you to worry about. Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer for help, as they often are happy to help you set up a catering lunch that perfectly meets your needs.

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