What to Expect From Nurses Who Provide Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

Although there are some similarities, the care that is received on an Alzheimer’s floor is quite different than what you would expect if you or a family member were to be in a traditional nursing home. There are usually more nurses available so that the care provided is personalized for each patient instead of one nurse being assigned to five or six patients. Here are a few other things that you can expect from this type of care.

Security and Supervision

One of the things that you’ll notice at an Alzheimer’s nursing home in San Antonio, TX, is the added security. Most of the doors will have an alarm on them to alert the staff if someone goes outside without a nurse or assistant. There is usually a member of the medical staff available at all times and watching the halls to monitor the patients in the event that someone falls or needs assistance.

Memory Stimulation

While at an Alzheimer’s nursing home in San Antonio, TX, the staff works with patients in order to provide memory stimulation. This could be in the form of looking at pictures of family members, playing games, or simply talking to the patients about daily activities and things they enjoy.

More Training

Most workers in this environment have more training than workers in a traditional nursing home. This is because there is often more care involved for the patients, especially during the later stages of the disease. Workers are often trained in how to talk to patients and how to handle safety situations that occur, such as patients wandering away from rooms or the facility.

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