Three Key Steps for Managing Self Care in Alzheimer’s Patients

If you’re looking for help with Alzheimer’s care in Columbia, SC, you know that one of the things that you need to think about is figuring out how to provide them with opportunities to manage self-care. Being able to take care of oneself provides for a bit of dignity.

With Alzheimer’s patients, it can be a little bit difficult to help them establish self-care routines, but the following steps may be able to help.

Help them get onto an exercise routine.

Exercise is one of the easiest ways for anyone to stay healthy. Even an Alzheimer’s patient can benefit from regular exercise. Not only would it allow their bodies to remain in good shape, but it can also release endorphins to the mind, helping them feel better emotionally. Some great exercise choices include leisurely walks, light dancing, or lifting very light weights.

Encourage them to get regular checkups.

Getting regular check-ups can make all the difference and how quickly Alzheimer’s disease advances. Doctors may be able to slow down the progression of the disease if they’re able to catch certain signs in time.

Encourage them to cut down on alcohol.

Reducing the amount of alcohol that they consume can help their mind stay alert. A glass of every wine once in a while can actually help them relax, but too much alcohol can actually mess with their ability to remember things even more.

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