What to expect from iridology training

Iridology training involves taking stock of the condition of the body based on the irides. The irides are the colored parts of the eyes which are indicative of each area of the body. The iris of the eye is a very involved and complex area of the body and an iridologist can look at the individual areas of the irides and make assessments of the condition of the body. Understanding what is involved in iridology training can help one understand whether or not they want to pursue this course of study.

What does iridology training teach?

During iridology training, the student learns how to assess the body as certain information is gotten from analyzing the eye. Specific areas of the irides correlated to certain tissues, organs, and other internal body components. Certain changes are reflected in variances in texture and color. The iris has been used to get information on the body’s condition for more than 400 years. In more recent times, physicians can study patients and their irises after operations as well as in autopsies to verify the information they have gleaned.

Topics covered in iridology training

There are many different topics covered in iridology training. Some of the topics students will be able to learn about include anatomy and physiology, nutrition and natural health, analysis of the iris, herbology, and natural health approaches. Some training programs include textbooks while other courses of study require the student to purchase the textbooks separately.

Iridology training will leave the student well prepared to begin a career as an iridologist. This unique and rewarding professional allows you to help others who are experiencing certain ailments and specific conditions. Whether you are looking to open your own practice or to join an existing practice, you can get started in this wonderful career with the right training.

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