Do You Have the Right Keg Filling Equipment?

Brewing beer can be a long process. However, once the beer is finished, getting it bottled and out the door should be short work. If your bottling or keg filling equipment is slowing down your process, it’s time to do some shopping around. Here are some features you should have in your bottling and keg filling process.

1. Automatic measuring. Kegs should fill to the right measure automatically, without having to be measured each time.
2. Keg size adjustment. You should be able to fill multiple sizes of kegs using the pre-measure feature.
3. Ergonomically Designed. Kegs are cumbersome, so it’s important that your keg filling equipment make the process easier on the person handling the kegs.
4. Sanitary and Safe. The best equipment offers a pre-purge of carbon dioxide and a sanitation feature to ensure every keg is clean and every batch of beer is safe.
5. Integrates with the rest of the system. The keg filling and bottling stage is just one part of the brewing process. The best systems integrate well with the rest of the brewery equipment to ensure an efficient and cost effective process from start to finish.
6. Scales as you grow. Choose equipment that you won’t have to throw out if your business gets bigger. Component systems that start out small and grow are the most cost effective in the long run.

Nothing affects the bottom line more than a slow distribution system. Your keg filling process is the first step in that distribution system, and one of the most important. Work with a vendor who can make sure that your keg filling equipment and process is efficient and simple. This ensures you get more beer in the hands of more customers in less time.

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