What to Expect from Disability Lawyers

Choosing to work with disability lawyers in Oak Ridge is not a decision that should be taken lightly. This is especially the case if you aren’t quite sure what to expect from them. Here are some of the things that you should experience when hiring a disability lawyer:

You Will Go Through a Detailed Interview

When working with disability lawyers in Oak Ridge, you should certainly expect an interview. During this interview, the lawyer will get all of the basic facts of your case, as they can use these facts to help you win. This interview might be in person, or it could be over the phone, but you must be upfront and honest.

They Will Access Your Medical Records

Another thing you should know about working with a disability lawyer is that they will need to access your medical records. They need to do this to make sure that you have a chance to win the case. If not, they will schedule other tests that can help. Keep in mind that the Social Security Administration decides what tests are required, not the lawyers nor the judge.

They Will Prepare You for a Hearing

You should also expect your lawyer to prepare you for your hearing. They will tell you what might happen during the hearing, and then tell you what you should say. They also will prep you on what types of questions you might be asked and how you should answer.

They Will Bring in Witnesses

Finally, you should expect your lawyer to arrange for the presentation of witnesses for your case. A witness is allowed in a hearing, and if they can help your case, a lawyer certainly might suggest it. Former employers or caretakers are often used as witnesses in these cases.

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