5 Things to Check When You Get to a Car Dealership

Not all dealerships are equal. Be on the lookout for the following signs, so you’ll know if you’re at a bad one or not.

Quality of the inventory

If the car you’re eyeing looks like it’s been around the block too many times, then check out other options. However, if all the cars in the inventory are in the same condition, then that may mean that the dealership doesn’t take very good care of the cars. Look for a Ford car dealership in Oak Ridge TN that offer cars in better condition.

Know the signs

It’s not always easy to figure out the condition of a car. But watch out for excessive or structural rust, mismatched paint, and warning lights, How Stuff Works says.

Service quality

Pick a Ford car dealership in Oak Ridge TN with a staff that knows how to provide excellent customer service. That’s a must. Better service quality is often a factor for many buyers. The last thing they want is to deal with a rude, unprofessional or obnoxious staff.

Title access

Does the dealer have the title to the car? If the dealer can’t show you one or keeps making excuses about the delay, don’t proceed. Ask to see the title before you put in money for the car. If the dealer can’t show you any, then shop elsewhere.

Inspection issues

Reputable dealers aren’t going to keep you from inspecting the car from top to bottom. They’d invite you to. But a dodgy might object. If the dealer is trying to sell off a bad car, then s/he may not want you looking much too closely. If the dealer tries to discourage you from inspecting the car or taking it out for a test drive, that’s a red flashing sign. Heed it. Walk away and check out other dealers in the area instead.

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