What to Expect from a Real Estate Attorney

When you hire a real estate attorney in the 60521-zip code, what you are getting is someone who knows the ins and outs of the regulations related to transactions in real estate. This person has the knowledge to help with contracts, zoning issues, transferring deeds, and much more. If you are considering hiring a real estate lawyer, we want to share exactly what you can expect from them when you do so.

Why You Might Need an Attorney

There are several situations where having the help of a real estate attorney in the 60521-zip code can be extremely helpful. They can offer assistance if you are in the midst of a short sale or a foreclosure. They can also be at your side when purchasing property owned by a financial institution. In many cases, the lender will expect you to have a lawyer to confirm the property title is valid. This type of attorney can also help you with selling or buying commercial property, which has many strict and precise rules.

Have you filed for bankruptcy or had a judgement filed against you in the past? If so, we always recommend working with an attorney or at least getting advice before moving forward. Real estate attorneys can also be assets if you are working with a property on someone’s estate, one that is in a location that is conducive to natural disasters, or in an area with environmental contaminants.

When You Don’t Need an Attorney

While an attorney is often helpful, in some cases, the assistance may not be needed. This is typically the case when buying or selling a house without any extra complications. In this case, your real estate agent may be capable of offering all of the expertise and assistance you might need. However, even then, if having an attorney makes you more confident, there’s no reason not to have one. It simply adds another person to have your back while dealing with a challenging event in your life.

We recommend that you meet with an attorney even if you end up choosing not to hire one. Having an awareness of what pitfalls might be in your way is important knowledge to have. If you need a real estate attorney in 60521, make sur4e to contact the Bielski Law Office. You can find out more by visiting https://bc-lawyers.com/.

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