A Few Things You Can Bring When Boarding Your Dog

Being separated from your dog can be difficult. Enjoying vacations, holiday visits to family, and other trips is hard when you’re busy worrying about your dog (and how much he misses you). While you can’t cure separation anxiety, human or canine, you can prepare for your dog’s boarding in Chicago, IL by bringing a few items from home to keep him calm and happy during his stay. Always inquire with the boarding service beforehand to ensure it’s okay to bring any items, but, if so, it can save you and your dog some heartache.

Favorite Food

Bringing your dog’s favorite kibble can help his stomach from struggling to switch foods. If your dog has a special diet for being older, a puppy, overweight, or anything else, bringing their own food can safeguard their nutrition and your peace of mind.

Preferred Toys

The stuffed squirrel he can’t sleep without, his slobbery rubber tire for tugging, the peanut butter-flavored tennis ball he goes wild for–whatever his favorite toy is, taking that along to the boarding service will give your dog a piece of home to keep with him during his stay. Also, it’ll provide another fun diversion during daily playtime.


If your dog has any special medications or you’re simply worried about fleas and other pests, providing the right medications for your dog during his stay means less headache for you. You can know your dog will come home flea-free and medically sound, and he’ll feel better, too.

Blankets and Beds

That blanket in his crate or that doggie bed by the side of your couch may not mean much to you, but it’s home to your dog. Bringing that to the boarding service will make your dog feel like he never left home at all.

A little preparation will make your dog’s boarding in Chicago, IL, and your trip a lot more fun. Call ahead and bring some of the items that save trouble for you and your pet. Looking at a great service to board your pets? Visit us.

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