What Not To Bring To A California Drug Rehab Center

Preparing to go into a residential California drug rehab center is a big step, and it is important for the client not to have any difficulties at admissions. By the very nature of these programs, there is always information provided to clients as to what can and cannot be brought to the facility.

Any of the reputable drug rehab center facilities in the state will provide clients with a list of items to bring, and most will also provide information on what will not be allowed on the premises. Bringing in any restricted items, or trying to find loopholes or workarounds for the rules, only sets a negative tone within the first few hours of being in the treatment program.

Non-prescription Medications

All prescription medications need to be immediately presented to the intake staff. In all drug rehab center screening processes, you will be asked about prescription medications and it is important to identify any medications you are currently taking.

Do not bring any over the counter medications, including NSAIDs or other types of pain relief products. You will also not be able to bring any herbal supplements or vitamins unless pre-approved by the facility.

Inappropriate Clothing

A drug rehab center that is designed to support both men and women will typically have rules about the types of clothing you can bring. Generally revealing clothing, either shorts or tops, or any type of extremely tight clothing will not be allowed.

Additionally, any clothing with inappropriate language, graphics or messages will not be allowed in the facility. The idea of rehab is to provide a safe and supportive environment, and these types of clothing items work against that goal.

Electronic Equipment

Cell phones, computers, tablets and any type of recording device will not be allowed in a drug rehab center. This provides not only a controlled environment but also helps to ensure confidentiality and privacy for all participants in the program.

High-Value Items and Cash

Expensive jewelry items and large amounts of cash are also not allowed in many of the top drug rehab center programs. This is more for the protection of the property but also to avoid conflict or potential problems while in the residential treatment.

The staff of the California drug rehab center will be able to provide specific information about what is acceptable in the facility. If you have any questions, make a quick phone call before packing the item to avoid any possible issues upon arrival.

At A.S.A.P, we will provide clear information to all clients about what they can and cannot bring to our California drug rehab center. To learn more about our programs and residential treatment options, see us online at

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