What Is Selective Demolition in Fort Myers, FL, and How Is it Used?

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Demolition Contractor

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The approach to older buildings has changed through new conservation techniques. One of the popular techniques is selective demolition in Fort Myers, FL. This technique includes an extensive examination of an existing building and a redesign to protect as much as possible. Selective demolition limits the use of new building materials and minimizes waste.

Selective Demolition Is a Different Technique

When an existing building does not work for a business or family, the traditional option is to demolish the property. Selective demolition is changing the way commercial and residential contractors approach construction. This technique sees areas of a building removed without removing the property envelope. Floors, ceilings, and walls can be removed to help make the building work for its upcoming use.

Preserving Historic Buildings

Selective demolition is a popular option for protecting and preserving historic buildings. Maintaining historic facades and rooms means impressive architecture can be maintained for future generations.

Reducing Waste

Waste products are a long-term issue for all construction experts to be concerned about. Using selective demolition techniques to retain historic details allows companies to limit the waste removed from the project site. Limiting the amount of waste taken to landfills helps to reduce construction impacts on the environment.

Safety Remains in Every Project

Selective demolition techniques do not sacrifice safety during and after a project. Professional selective demolition experts ensure all projects are completed safely and efficiently.

Selective demolition in Fort Myers, FL helps preserve the historic nature of all communities. To learn more about selective demolition, contact The Impact Group.