Reasons Why Squeaks and Squeals Call for Washer Repair in Arlington, VA

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Appliances

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The soothing hum of a well-functioning washing machine is a symphony of domestic efficiency, but when your appliance starts emitting mysterious squeaks and squeals, it can be a cause for concern. These unexpected noises are not just an annoyance; they might indicate underlying issues that require immediate attention. Here are four compelling reasons why those unwelcome sounds signal the need for prompt washer repair in Arlington, VA.

Worn-out or Misaligned Belts

One common culprit behind the disconcerting sounds emanating from your washing machine is a worn-out or misaligned belt. Over time, these belts can deteriorate, causing friction and resulting in squeaks and squeals during the washing cycle. Regular maintenance checks and timely replacement of worn belts can prevent these noises and extend the life of your appliance.

Faulty Bearings

Another potential source of distressing sounds in your washer is faulty bearings. These small, often overlooked components play a crucial role in the smooth rotation of the drum. When bearings wear out or become damaged, they can produce loud squealing noises. Addressing bearing issues with washing machine repair restores the peace in your laundry room and prevents more extensive damage to your machine.

Loose or Damaged Pulleys

The pulleys in your washing machine are essential in driving various components. If these pulleys become loose or damaged, they can generate unsettling noises. Regularly checking for pulley issues and tightening or replacing them as needed can eliminate the source of these disturbances.

Malfunctioning Motor

A malfunctioning motor is a more serious concern that often manifests as high-pitched squeals resulting from motor wear and tear or electrical issues. Seeking washer repair in Arlington, VA, to diagnose and address motor problems is crucial to prevent further damage and ensure the continued smooth operation of your washing machine.

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