Use Website Design to Create Consumer Trust

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Business

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The amount of money some companies invest in web design can be staggering. Some companies have invested thousands of dollars into their website, often before it even launches. Other individuals who want to start a company take a different approach and try to create their own site with the help of free software, while this can work, most of the time, the phrase you get what you paid for comes to mind. Even though you might be on a budget, it doesn’t mean you should try to get by with t a cheap looking website with a tendency to malfunction. In the long run, you will be better off spending a little money and letting a professional help you come up a landing page which looks great and works properly, something you can have without having to come up with thousands of extra dollars.


By investing in high quality website design, you increase your company’s ability to generate a tidy revenue.


You shouldn’t assume the appearance of your website doesn’t matter. It does, probably more so than you imagine. A study was recently conducted by and four out of five participants indicated the appearance to be a very important factor. When your landing page looks professional, assessable, and attractive, consumers who manage to find their way there will be more likely to do business with. A simple and attractive landing page inspires consumer trust. When consumer’s trust a company, they make purchase, which leads to an increase in the amount of revenue you receive.


A common problem many new business owners make when it comes to website design is trying to put to much stuff on their landing page. It’s natural to want to cram as much information as you can on the landing page, but it’s usually not a good decision. You have lots of webpages available, don’t be afraid to spread out the information throughout multiple pages. Limiting the amount of information you post on your landing page gives it a nice, clean appearance and helps boost consumer confidence and trust.


You don’t want huge gaps of space in your website design, but you should make sure there’s enough space between each point you make, that you customers will know you changing topics and be able to follow along and accurately interpret the information you have provided.


In addition to making sure you have created a clean, attractive website, you should also plan to include good content into your website design. The content serves two purposes. First, the content shows your visitors that you really do know your target market that you’re the best person to come to with their questions. The second thing the great content does will be providing Google’s Panda program with a reason to give your webpage a great ranking. With the backing of a company who really understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to website design, you can rest assured your company will quickly attract the attention of the consumers who make up your target market.