Preparing for a Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Law And Politics

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You shouldn’t expect to walk into a law firm, tell a divorce lawyer you want a divorce, and expect them to immediately immerse themselves in your case. Things like that only happen in television dramas. In the real world, the first step of establishing a working relationship with an attorney requires first requires a consultation appointment.


Just because you mad, heartbroken, and just want the divorce to be finalized, it doesn’t excuse you from being prepared before you enter the law office for your consultation. You should have taken a little time to sit down and think about the state of your life, and pictured what you want your future to be like. You also should have a rough idea about you and your spouse’s financial situation. Create a list of questions you want to ask the attorney during the consultation, this list should include questions about the amount of experience they have, the way they handle similar cases and the type of business practices they use. Before leaving for the consultation you want to make sure you have organized any legal and financial documents you have, the attorney will want to see them. The more you prepare for the consultation, the easier it will be for the attorney to gauge if they’re the best person for your situation.


It’s extremely important to make sure you ask lots of questions about the lawyer’s qualifications. While your divorce might seem pretty straight forward to you, attorneys no they can take some unexpected twists and turns. Not only do they have to separate two lives, but they’re also working in a highly charged emotional situation. In addition to having the qualifications necessary to navigate a divorce, the attorney you hire also has to have the experience needed to be able to handle some potentially volatile meetings.


The consultation will be when you want to discuss the attorney’s fees. Different divorce lawyers have different ways of handling fees and charging clients. Pay very careful attention to how your divorce attorney will want to be compensated for their time and services. Some take a portion of your final settlement, while others prefer a flat fee. Either way, you want to confirm exactly what types of services you will be getting for the price. A retainer may or may not be required. Staying organized and handling some of the legal correspondence yourself can help save you save money.


You shouldn’t automatically assume that just because you’re going through a divorce, and you’re speaking to a divorce attorney, that they will automatically take your case. They have the right to turn you away, and they will do so if they don’t feel your case will be a good fit for them.