Tips For Saving Money On Air Conditioning And Heating In Phoenix, AZ

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Air Conditioning

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Keeping your home warm on the colder days and evenings of winter and cool and comfortable in the spring, summer, and autumn months is important if you live in Phoenix, AZ. For both new and older homes, installing the right HVAC system and completing annual air conditioning and heating maintenance is the most effective way to ensure your system is ready for any changes in the weather.

To save money on your air conditioning and heating bills, here are some tips, strategies, and effective options to reduce costs.

Annual Maintenance

Talk to your local HVAC service provider about annual maintenance plans. These plans charge a flat rate for visits to tune up the furnace and air conditioner before each season.

Repairing worn or damaged parts and ensuring all systems are operating correctly adds to efficiency. These maintenance visits also include changing filters to ensure proper air flow through the system for heating and cooling.

Use Fans

In the summer or the winter, ceiling fans can be used to gently circulate air and promote even heating and cooling throughout the space. They are particularly effective in the summer to help circulate the air throughout the rooms.

Whenever possible, use vent fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to remove humidity after showers. This helps to keep temperatures more consistent and to also reduce the risk of mold and mildew developing in the home.

Curtains and Blinds

A highly effective way to reduce air conditioning and heating bills in the summer and the winter is to take advantage of curtains and blinds in your Phoenix, AZ, home. In the summer, keep curtains and blinds closed on windows that get the afternoon sun to prevent heating up the interior of the home.

On cooler days, leave these curtains or blinds open, adding natural heat to the room and the house that helps reduce the need for the furnace.

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