The Best Options for Slate Roof Snow Guards

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Roofing

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Snow roof guards are available from various sources in the marketplace. They are manufactured using different materials including plastic, copper and other types of metal. They are also available in diverse shapes However, not all types are suitable for every roof. When it comes to a slate roof, snow guards must be selected to meet the specific demands of the slate roofing material.

Two Options for Slate Roof Snow Guards

As stated previously, home and business owners can obtain snow guards in various shapes. These include pad style, bar/pipe and rail and snow breakers. In the case of slate roofing, the two most common choices are:

  1. Pad: These are discontinuous. In other words, they are placed as separate units in a specified pattern and amount based on the roofing material, slope, amount of snowfall and other factors
  2. Pipe: These are a continuous type of snow guard. They are a single unit or units spaced across the roof using the same factors as pad snow guards

Why Choose Pipe or Rail Snow Guards?

While the pad style of snow guard is used for slate roofs, the most recommended type is the pipe or rail version. Attached using brackets or seam clamps in addition to cross members, these are the best option. These are truly the slate roof snow guards worth considering.

Pipe-style snow guards prevent large pieces of ice and snow from falling suddenly off the roof to the ground, people or vehicles below. They provide a barricade system consisting of two or three pipes/bars. As a snow retention system, these are ideal for slate roofs. They are:

  • Durable
  • Attach without causing damage to the roof – using the right brackets or seam clamps
  • Available in diverse colors

Pipe-style slate roof snow guards are also reliable in performing their job. They barricade or retain snow and ice until they melt. This ensures neither people nor property are damaged from falling snow chunks or blocks of ice.

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