Three Reasons to Hire a Social Security Benefits Lawyer in Minooka

Did you know that only 35% of new applicants are approved by the Social Security Administration? This is a surprise to most people because the benefits seem so automatic. If you are preparing to apply for social security benefit payments, you may want to hire a social security benefits lawyer in Minooka. The following are some great reasons why.


These lawyers specialize in knowing the ins and outs of social security law. If you are eligible, they will get you the money you deserve after paying into the system for so many years. They understand how to navigate the red tape involved with the social security benefits application. Not only will the process be more successful, it will go faster.


In the event that you need to go to court for your social security benefits, you will need representation. A social security lawyer can legally represent you if needed. You don’t want to enter one of these court proceedings yourself or you will be unlikely to win.

Any Claimant

Most law firms aren’t known to take on all cases offered to them. This is one way that social security lawyers are different from their counterparts. They typically take just about any case presented to them. A social security benefits lawyer in Minooka is here to help.

If you are in the process of applying for social security benefits and are having issues, you need the services of a social security attorney. For help, call the pros at Hanson & Fisher Law Firm today.

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