Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need for Your Florida Student Apartment

Renting off-campus student housing near University of Florida requires a lot of responsibility. Part of that responsibility is keeping your apartment clean and tidy. You don’t necessarily have to clean your apartment–no one’s going to be inspecting your space to make sure that you’re picking up after yourself. But if you don’t keep your apartment clean, you could end up causing permanent damage that causes you to lose your deposit.

Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need for Your Student Apartment
Before you move in, consider stocking up on cleaning supplies so you’ll always be ready for spills, stains, and messes. Here’s a list of some of the cleaning supplies you can add to your list:

  • Bleach and sanitizing wipes. If one of your roommates gets sick, you’ll want to disinfect the whole apartment.
  • Vinegar. This product has dozens of uses and can clean just about anything.
  • Dish soap. You’ll be washing your own dishes now.
  • Detergent. You’ll also be responsible for washing your own clothes.
  • Toilet cleaner.
  • All-purpose cleaning spray. You’ll need it when someone spills beer or soda on the counter.
  • Paper towels. These are great for soaking up spills and can also be used as napkins.
  • Sponges. You might find yourself scrubbing your dishes or scrubbing stubborn stains off the bathtub.

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