Things to Know About Boiler Repair in Chesterfield MO

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Boilers are constantly in use during the winter. And due to temperatures going too low, many homeowners have reported issues of their boilers pipes bursting and still others and even worse, the breakage of the boiler itself due to the high pressure. From this major, problem Boiler Repair in Chesterfield MO all the more has become firmly founded in the effort of ensuring the risk is reduced.

The cost of repair may be too high especially during the winter and so is the cost of installing a new one and therefore, no resident of this region would want to risk. To be safe from this risk, there are some tips on preventive maintenance that you should know.

Consider the possible problem that your boiler could have during the winter

Even with the most modern type of the boiler on the market, problems and complications are still bound to occur. The condensing type is the most recent ones and are known to have risk reduction of 20%, but still be on the watch for problems in temperature below freezing point, its systems are likely to freeze and send you an error message.

Learn on how to prevent your boiler from freezing

You ought to give this step the priority since in case of damage due to freezing of the condensing boiler, the cost of repairing can really go up. Some important information is provided by the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council on how to achieve this. To prevent the pipes from freezing, one key thing to observe is to ensure that the thermostat or the heating timer is set to continuous mode. Also, set your heating constantly on low energy consumption.

Know how to thaw a frozen pipe from the condensing boiler

This procedure can be achieved in two ways. First is by putting a hot water bottle on the pipe. The second one is pouring some hot water on the pipe and then resetting the thermostat. Always take caution when performing this procedure.

If it continues freezing

You can either replace the pipes with those with larger diameter or move them to some places that are internal. Sometimes you will need to insulate the pipes.

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