The Complete Guide to Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Every business has certain information that has to be protected from theft, unauthorized access or modification. Now, both small and large enterprises have successfully combated outsider threats, such as data corruption, viruses, and Trojans via anti-virus, access controls, and firewalls. But what about insider threats that can run your business into the ground?

Insider threats are mainly of two kinds: Identity and Access. These two threats are highly sophisticated, organized, and well-funded and they can enable a person on the inside to steal any information from your business and you won?t have the slightest idea. This is what makes it imperative for businesses to invest in a IAM solution like Access Intelligence and Analytics to protect them from such threats.

What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is generally available in two forms, a solution and a process. However, the tasks both these perform are typically the same. IAM allows business administrations? manage and identify data and system resources regarding unauthenticated users. The main objective of IAM is to deny or grant access to sensitive or confidential information to particular employees.

With the help of IAM, businesses can easily identify employees who are accessing private information of your business without the permission of the supervising authority. Therefore, IAM generally helps organizations meet their security requirements against insider threats through risk based compliance and Risk Based Access Control. The solution specifically uses numerous modules like Central User Repository, Identity Based Anomaly Detection, Management, and Authorization to perform these tasks.

Why Should You Care About IAM?

Identity and access management is a crucial factor each and every business has to address, sooner or later. Not only is it linked to the productivity and security of an organization, but it also proves to be an important factor in the successful operation of a business. Any business using an IAM system will be able to protect its digital assets and also enhance productivity.

IAM solutions and processes enable businesses to centralize access controls and reduce the complexity and cost of developing expensive back-up plans. It is because of IAM that businesses have a way to control the swarm of un-tethered endpoints, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets buzzing around the entire office. IAM solutions through the use of Enterprise Risk Management allow businesses to enforce a set of policies that connect to the business network, thus helping you fight off any possible internal or external threats.

How Can IAM Benefit Your Business?
Identity and Access Management Solutions can benefit your business in a number of ways.These include:

* The solution can give you a competitive advantage in the business industry.

* IAM allows your business to open doors to new suppliers, customers, clients, and organizations, thus lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency

* The solution allows your business to extend its information to employees, without sacrificing security.

Are you looking to avail these benefits mentioned above as well? If so, then perhaps it?s time you invested in Gurucul?s Access Intelligence and Analytics, which is a complete IAM business solution!

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