There May Be A Better Way To Sell A Home In Maryville

Maybe you’re driving along in your car and you see a billboard on the side of the highway that calls out, “Sell My House Maryville!” Or maybe the pitch pops up on an internet page or you see it in a newspaper ad. If you happen to be selling a home, your interest may be piqued. Should you contact the advertise?

Well, consider the three primary ways to sell a home:

1. Hire a real estate agent.

That’s the most traditional way most homes are sold. But the drawbacks are many. For example, you’ll mostly likely need to make expensive repairs on your home and/or remodel. You’ll have to wait in line until your agent can take on your sale. Of course, you’ll end up paying a hefty commission on the sale.

2. Sell it yourself.

It’s the FSBO method (For Sale By owner). Sounds good because you have cut out the middle man. No need to pay a commission! However, now you must take on all the tasks of a real estate agent. The repairs, remodeling, the cleaning — all that still necessary, too. You’ll also be personally showing the house to prospects. Yes, you won’t pay a commission, but you will pay for advertising and other fees associated with homes sales.

3. Sell your home directly to a professional home buying firm.

This option comes with many immediate advantages. It avoids all the drawbacks of the previous two options. Suddenly, there’s no need to make repairs, professionally clean the house, no remodeling, not waiting for an agent to get to your sale – and no need to pay a commission! You don’t have to conduct time-consuming walk-throughs.

So when you see an ad that says, “Sell My House Maryville,” that’s option three. It clearly has advantages over options one and two.

For more information contact Vol Homes.

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