How Licensed Addiction Counselers in Denver, CO

Rebuild Lives Addictions take many forms. Some people are addicted to alcohol or drugs, while others have food, fitness, or other addictions. When addiction has taken over a person’s ability to make rational decisions for themselves, a licensed addiction counselor in Denver, CO, can help.

Addiction Therapy Restores Balance

Addictions upend people’s lives. It creates an imbalance and stress leading to severed or strained relationships with loved ones, employers, and other people in one’s life. Working with an addiction counselor allows people to put a plan in place to restore balance in their lives.

Offers a Non-Judgmental Space for Healing

Many times people struggling with addictive behaviors feel like they’re misunderstood. Their behaviors affect the people around them and these people don’t always respond lovingly or in a caring manner because the person’s behavior is off-putting or dangerous. A licensed addiction therapist holds space for their clients to express their feelings in an environment where they can freely speak without feeling judged.

Teaches Coping Mechanisms

Part of overcoming an addiction is learning how to cope with life’s stressors in a new way. Counselors work with their patients to help them find healthier coping mechanisms to manage stress. Healthy coping mechanisms are the cornerstone of overcoming any addiction.

Group Therapy

Counselors offer one-on-one therapy sessions but often conduct group therapy sessions too. This is helpful for their patients because it allows them to sit with others and discover that they’re not alone in their feelings. For more information about scheduling an appointment with a licensed addiction counselor in Denver, CO, contact In Focus Counseling PLLC at

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