The various types of bathroom faucets

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Home Improvement

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When you walk into a DIY shop or a specialist shop dealing in kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets you will no doubt be set back by the huge array of styles, shapes and finishes. Before you strike off to look at the various bathroom faucets it is best that you have a basic understanding of what you are looking at and why. There are basically three types of faucets which are suitable for a bathroom; high rise, surface mount and wall mount bathroom faucets. A high rise faucet is predominately used by those who have a claw foot bath tub, surface mount faucets are designed to be mounted on the forward rim of the tub and wall mounted bathroom faucets are most suitable when the tub includes a shower. In all cases the faucets come in numerous finishes, many are chrome but copper and pewter are also in vogue.


A freestanding or high rise faucet has been designed to accommodate a claw foot tub which does not come into contact with the walls. These types of faucets come up directly from the floor, the hot and cold water pipes stand well above the tub. A third pipe goes higher still for the shower. The handles are using antique style and they are mounted in the pipes.


Perhaps the most common type of bathroom faucets are those which are deck mounted. They are usually located at the foot of the tub but can just as easily be located along the tub side; it depends on the tub design. These faucets come in single and double handle types; double handle with a mixer outlet is the most popular.


If the bathtub is fitted with a shower the usual arrangement is to use wall mounted bathroom faucets. These faucets are mounted on the wall in such a position that they can be operated while either standing in the shower or sitting in the tub.


As you can see, the type of faucet that is selected is one which complements the type of tub; however, the finish is also an important consideration. The typical finishes are nickel, satin and pewter, solid copper fittings are available but are considerably more expensive. As the plated finishes will eventually begin to peel many people consider the copper fittings to be the best as they will never need replacing.


Wall mounted bathroom faucets come in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. You are invited to visit the range offered by Kitchen Bath Plus, your online dealer.