Everything you need to know about kitchen faucets

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Home Improvement

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Years ago a kitchen faucet was little more than a globe valve with an extended piece of pipe on it, if you were fortunate enough to have running hot water, you had two of them. Fortunately those days are long gone, today the variations are mind boggling, they have gone beyond just utilitarian, they have reached the point where they are now selected because of their decorate features as well. When you are looking at Hansgrohe kitchen faucets you will be surprised at the various sizes, features, styles and finishes.


If you are heading out to buy a replacement kitchen faucet, there are a few things to bear in mind:


  • Single or dual handle
  • Wall or surface mount
  • Pullout or fixed spray
  • Bar sink style


Many people like the convenience of a single handle faucet, the water temperature can be adjusted easily and they are quite attractive. Of course dual handle units can also allow for finite temperature control and they too are attractive. One of the nice things about faucet shopping is that Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are on display at the showroom.


One feature that is hard to deny is a pull-out spray head, these make washing vegetable and rinsing dishes very easy. Although a fixed faucet can be fitted with a spray, the flexibility of the pull out spray head is favored. Years ago a pull-out spray head was a nuisance, it was always drooping out of its holder; new models have overcome this with the addition of weights on the house below the sink.


When you are looking at faucets you have to take the size of your kitchen sink into account so that you get a faucet with the correct reach. Many high arc faucets have limited reach which makes getting to the far side of the sink a problem, unless of course the faucet is fitted with a pull-out spray head.


Years ago kitchen faucets were almost flat; today the spout height has increased substantially. This is a great idea, they not only have a graceful, swan like appearance; it is easy to fill deep pots with water.


Finish and style are the last things of importance. The new Hansgrohe kitchen faucets must compliment the kitchen cabinetry and appliances.


Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are available in literally hundreds of different designs and configurations, to see them all you are invited to shop at Kitchen Bath Plus.