The Top Most Oil Companies to Invest With

In the last few months, we have been noticing a rapid fall in the price of stocks of oil companies. But, if you follow the trends in oil stocks closely, you will know which ones to invest in and which ones to ignore. Let’s pick a few oil companies to invest our money in the coming year.

Top Most Oil Companies to Invest Our Money

With a lot of good news floating around the oil industry, investors are expecting the oil and gas shares to come back strongly in 2017. Experts believe that it is wise to overlook big oil companies and invest your money in companies that are growing rapidly.

  1. Suncor Energy: Suncor Energy is a Canadian based company that has a lot of potential to grow in the coming years. They occupy the largest position in oil sands. Trade analysts predict that the company has a chance to grow 13% in 2017 after they increased their stakes in Syncrude oil sands. Also, the company is planning to start a major project by the end of this year, making it the number one choice of investors.
  2. Phillips 66: Phillips 66 is another company that has a very good chance to grow in the coming year. They are still considered as a massive oil company by many as they have proved their flexibility to respond to conditions of the market. Even though the price of stocks has come down this year, experts predict that in 2017 the share prices are expected to climb up again, making it a company with good investment opportunity.
  3. Enbridge: Enbridge, another Canadian energy infrastructure company is expected to grow in 2017. The company is likely to benefit from recent acquisitions and due to complete a few key projects in early 2017. They are expected to gain a 15% growth in their dividend after completing their merger with another giant company Spectra Energy Corp.

All the three companies have displayed positive growth recently and have similar risk factors too. Hence, experts believe them to be good oil companies to invest your money in. Crudefunders are an innovative, technology enabled online crowd funding portal that provides a unique opportunity for people to invest directly in oil and gas projects. Contact them today to learn about oil and gas investment opportunities at 844 FUND-OIL.

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