2 Types Of Equipment Found In Oil Fields And The Professional Company In Calgary That Can Help

Crude oil is what many refer to as black gold. In an energy-dependent world, crude oil holds a value that sometimes may even surpass actual gold itself. It is a natural unrefined petroleum product made by organic materials and hydrocarbon deposits. It is a liquid fossil fuel that serves as a base for several thousand products like fuel, wax, lubricating oil, asphalt, and more. Crude oil can be found throughout the world and as they are being discovered, the construction of oil fields has also become a norm. Today, we talk about 2 important pieces of equipment found in typical oil fields to extract and process crude oil.

Drilling Rig

A drilling rig is a system that drills wells like water and oil wells. For full-scale operations, drilling rigs can be massive structures but some are also built to be compact and mobile. There are 5 common types of drilling methods used in oil fields, directional, electro, percussion, reverse-circulation, and rotary.

Shale Shaker

Shale shakers are used during the first phase of drilling. They are used to separate large solids from the drilling fluids, known as mud. After separation, drilling fluids are used and can be reused to keep the drill bit cool.

Professionals in Calgary

Perhaps you have recently discovered crude oil on your property and are now looking for experts who offer oilfield construction in Calgary. Contact the professionals at Platinum Pipefitting Inc. They offer their expertise in oil field construction, welding, and maintenance services. So, when looking for a reliable and experienced company that offers oilfield construction in Calgary, they are the ones you should call. Call or visit us so you can begin extracting and processing black gold today.

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