The Many Different Types Of Gun Ammunition

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Recreation

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There are many different types of gun ammo in Elgin, anything from reloaded wad-cutters to armor piercing and everything in between. Perhaps before a discussion on ammunition starts, there should be a primer on the various weapons that use it, briefly:


     *     Pistol: A pistol is a gun which is hand held and has a bore aligned cartridge chamber.


     *     Revolver: A revolver is also held by hand but has a cylinder that holds the gun ammo in Elgin. The cylinder rotates after each shot.


     *     Rifle: A rifle is a long firearm held against the shoulder. The barrel must be longer than 16” and rifled to put a spin on the projectile.


     *     Carbine: A carbine is a rifle, but the barrel is less than 16” in length. The accuracy of those weapons is inferior to a rifle.


     *     Assault rifle: They are rifles that are capable of firing either a single shot or automatic action. The cartridge is shorter than a rifle with less recoil.


     *     Machine pistol: A machine pistol is designed to fire continuously with a single trigger pull; they are lightweight and fully automatic.


     *     Submachine gun: This is a lightweight, one man operated automatic weapon with limited range and accuracy.


     *     Machine gun: These weapons are either fired from the shoulder or a bi-pod or the heavy machine gun is usually mounted on a tri-pod or on a vehicle.


These weapons all use cartridges, which are cylindrical tubes made up of the bullet, the cartridge case, the primer and the propellant.


Gun Ammo Elgin has the primary purpose of penetration; it can be paper targets or armor plating. The basic types of ammunition, in order of its ability to penetrate are:


     *     AP: This is the designation for armor piercing. The bullet is made from very hard steel or perhaps a tungsten alloy. The shape is pointed, and the bullet is encased in a jacket of copper, brass or lead. The jacket stops the inner bore of the gun barrel from excessive wear.


     *     FMJ: This is full metal jacket. These bullets have a core of lead with a full covering of steel, copper or brass. These bullets deform very little when the target has been hit; this ammunition is the ammo of choice when the target is of mixed armor.


     *     JSP: This stands for jacketed soft point. The construction is the same as a FMJ, but the lead core is exposed at the tip allowing for expansion in flesh but the overcoat is still in place to protect the bore.


     *     JHP: This is jacketed hollow point; this is a variation on the JSP; a small hole is drilled in the exposed lead core, still retaining the jacketing. The hole allows for more expansion and more rapid deformation when hitting the target.


Training gun ammo in Elgin is rarely of these types of manufacture. The slug is basically a flat nose, full lead slug used extensively for target shooting.



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